Sunday, May 06, 2012

One handed typing.

Not as dirty as it sounds! just makes updating one's blog slow since one only has one free hand, the other always holding a Smooshy baby.

We are doing well, Smooshy is eating (lots) pooping (lots) and sleeping (lots! yay!) I am finally feeling more normal and thinking I might be back in the saddle by next week, which would be super.

I really like the whole mommy thang, it has it's hard parts like when you reallllllllllly want to shower but can't because this little person NEEDS you so then you just smell bad until your husband (who is working six days a week) gets home. Or when the little critter is upset and you can't figure out why. But in general it is pretty cool. I figure babies are born a few months to early so basically he should still be in my belly and you treat them as such, sort of like a kangaroo.

Like a kangaroo I love my Mei Tai, I think I will love my sling too when I figure out how to use the silly thing properly. I can strap Smooshy on and go for a walk, feed horses, make dinner. Basically anything I need two hands for and he will happily sleep. We went looking for Morels yesterday and he slept damn near the whole time (I also figured out how to nurse him in it, I'm a rockstar) I think this little baby stage lasts for a very short time and that helps keep me from being too frustrated when I can't do the things I want.

Joe has decided Poppy must go now, our pasture is getting really munched down and he is really worried about feeding hay all summer. They are on the back part and have grazed it down to nothing. We have about three acres fenced off for them but the grass quality varies a lot depending on what part of the old farm it was, it would be much better with two instead of three. So this week she needs her coggins done, feet trimmed and to be cleaned up. I'll get some decent pictures and put her back into work and up for sale. She was an upgrade so I don't care if I get much for her, would just like to see her taken care of. I picked up her up super cheap and improved her training (although she is still quite green) so hopefully we can get her into a better place then she would have been otherwise.

Joy needs a lot of conditioning but she looks good, I'm really excited to start riding again. Planning on starting off with some light trail rides and lunging (likely with the chambon to get her neck properly muscled before we start our dressage work, silly giraffe horse) I need a lot of core conditioning so am starting now with daily walks with baby, pilates and yoga when I can fit it in. Hopefully riding soon and start running around the six week pp mark (end of the month) I didn't gain much weight with baby but all my muscles are squishy. I'm planning on taking Joy out and about for experience, getting in some much needed lessons and aiming for a later summer show. I also want to get her properly fitted for saddles, since I am sick of everything sliding forward on her and trying to figure what will work on my own, hopefully can get something I already own reflocked.

anyway that is us :)

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quirkyburgundy said...

Maybe I sound like an ass; but couldn't you put the baby in his box (on the floor so he can't fall) and just shower? I mean, I would. I love showering. And can't you put him in his walking holder thing (memory retention error, I don't remember what you called it) and type? Lol....I'm probably wrong about all of the above. I know nothing about babies really; other than people think they are really fragile, but if they were there wouldn't be so many people in the world.