Tuesday, May 07, 2013

impending doom, I mean lesson

So the super exciting news is I'm FINALLY taking a dressage lesson with my friend's trainer. First lesson in two years, we'll be trailering down on Saturday, hoping to get some pictures of our glorious unfitness. Little nervous but super excited!

So in light of all this excitingness, I thought I should actually pull Miss Joy out and work on some flatwork (rather than hit the trails) before my lesson, smart huh. She was such a good girl! a bit rushy at the canter and her balance obviously isn't as great but she hasn't forgotten anything, that's my clever girl.

Other critters are doing good, I have eggs in the incubator again :) We have a facebook farm page here and I'm blogging about farm related stuff here.

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Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

LOL, it won't be doom it'll be great!