Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 17th is coming up awful fast.

We just got back from a nice but brief trip in the UP, it was fun and great to see my family. Returned to greener grass and six unexpected baby bunnies, Unexpected because I didn't think she held to the first mating, apparently Rosie is Super Fertile Bunny. They were born in the communal female hutch but I decided to move them inside because I didn't want someone else to step on them and one of the other girls peed in the nest, ew. So far she is settled in well and seems to be nursing, big danger is she will abandon them if she feels threatened. So far every time I walk by she is looking for more treats and babies appear to have full tummies so that is excellent.

I am really getting excited about the eventing clinic, at the same time I am nervous about how we will do but at this point I have to trust she knows her job and work on any weak points. In a perfect world we both would be more fit, her connection with the bit would be stronger and my flexibility would be greater but it is not a perfect world and I am ok with that. I still plan on doing a little more schooling but at the last minute is is stupid to over school and play catch up.

My mom had a great suggestion about work, I like training and love working with young horses. She thought I should look into learning acupuncture. I have always had an interest in alternative therapy's for horses, I believe strongly in doing what is best for the animal whether it is finding a drug that works, or holistic treatment but I don't like the "quick fix" approach and unfortunately it seems that many vets (and doctors) will prescribe a drug rather then finding out the cause, changing feed or using some type of bodywork. I would love to add in another tool to help horses be fit and happy. Might look into a vet tech program as well.

Today I have lots to do from being gone for a couple days, house needs some tidying, horses need brushing, Joy needs riding and bunny cage needs fixing. I also need to call animal control and talk to them. We had the neighbors call on our dogs because they felt their chickens were in danger, I am really upset over it since our dogs don't go out unsupervised and Emma was just running over to their fence and barking because their dog is always, always outside. Sadie is not at all aggressive toward poultry and she has been living her with us for over a year. I am really upset they didn't talk to us about it first before calling animal control. Anyway I have to get the dogs registered with the county and they have to have their Rabies shots done by a professional vet. Emma is just old enough for hers and I did Sadie's last year myself, I am disappointed the rescue didn't mention anything about getting the dogs registered, I thought you only had to do that in town and not in the country. J's family has lived here for decades and never had any dogs registered. I really dislike making those types of phone calls too, but she gave us ten days to get it sorted out and it will be done in eleven so I guess it is not going to be an argument, I just need to have a positive attitude.

Rosie says "stop looking at my babies"

The don't look like much now but will soon take over the world with their cuteness.

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