Monday, April 04, 2011

Things are getting interesting! If all goes well (and according to plan) Joy and I will be attending a Eventing Clinic on April 17th, I am alternately elated and freaked out. I'm also really wishing I had a instructor or coach to help me fill out the forms, I am stuck on the question "Horses Experience" I mean in general riding we have a really solid walk-trot and canter, working on submission to the bit (collection) and balance. We can put down a solid Training Level Dressage test. In the jumping in the woods over fallen trees and brush category I give us an A+. In trail riding we are really really great, and generally galloping in fields goes well. But I have never Evented and I am worried if I put down none for experience we will be stuck with the walk trot over poles ponies.

I have a vet coming out tomorrow to pull blood for the Coggins, I didn't plan on going to anything so soon in the spring so luckily found someone who can come out so soon since we will be spending four days in the UP leaving on Wednesday. Baby is eating her noms, so we won't have to eat her, she is gaining weight, I would still like to see more on her. I need to pull another fecal on her, so annoying having to worry about parasites. I guess I got spoiled with Joy being healthy but she has always gotten good care so it is not like it was an accident.

I rode Joy this evening, in the big back field. She was all go, but got some really nice canter transitions. She was impatient and is getting pully on the bit. Like wanting to stretch down into my hands, I have to work on not throwing her away but remaining consistent in my contact. Also have to keep my position consistent since she is a big tattletale, when I am balanced and soft so is she. She also makes this chomping at the bit that sounds like fap fap fap, which is hilarious.

hmmm bed time...

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