Tuesday, May 03, 2011

All of my posts lately have been about bunnies!

They are still doing super, got some more cute pictures today. I am really enjoying having them, they are so sweet and cute.

Yesterday I meant to ride but I think I was a bit hung over because I felt like crap and didn't get anything done, for example I planned on...
Cleaning pasture!
Tidying tack room!
Planting rose bushes!

And instead all I did was lie around, take a bath and ate too much buttered toast.

Today I am feeling fine so I really should get off the internet and do something, besides if I keep posting pictures of adorable baby bunnies everywhere I will use up all our broadband time and Joe will be cross.This morning I got the special treat of Baby horse being out first thing, she was running in huge circles on the neighbors lawn because she couldn't figure out how to get back in the fence and Joy was eating all the food. I don't know how she got out but I was not impressed. I walked all the fence line and am still not sure how she escaped but a strand was down in the back on the other paddock so that could have ground the line out.
Sadie makes a new friend.

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