Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy rainy rain

Dear Rain,
Please go away, come again another day, I want to go outside and paint.
Love, Ruth
Eventually the weather might get nice and I can do things outside without getting drenched! It has been a weird spring, either cold and rainy or hot and humid with little in between. I have painting fantasies but I have to wait until we get some dry days. We just helped put the garden in yesterday, it was good fun playing in the dirt and I am excited to have fresh veggies again.
 Went to an event yesterday and got to be a horse show mom for a friend, it was good fun. Also helpful experience to see an event in action, honestly not much different then the shows I am used to, just more spread out and you have to keep good track of the time since there isn't one central arena. I feel Joy and I will be ready for our eventing debut soon. Baxter (Joy's boyfriend) was a good boy so I fed him lots of cookies, it was a very important part of my horse show slave girl duties. It is so nice to see the horses there loving their jobs. A horse got loose and ran around like mad before zooming off across the fields! I have never seen a loose horse behave like that and just take off away from their buddies and the people, I don't know when they caught him but he was at a dead gallop across the corn and hay fields.
 My babies are coming on Wednesday and Thursday, We have the coop fairly ready but I would like to get everything totally set well in advance in case of disaster. Going to be getting 87 chickies! Likely will love them for the first week and then get over it.
Rode Joy on Saturday, she was awesome, had a great conditioning trail ride in the rain. SO nice to feel her so forward and balanced, after I set my proper arena up I hope to work on some good solid dressage stuff. I am hoping to convince people to come ride with me,can't wait to take the horses swimming in the river again.
bad Ruth, stop looking at TBs! no more ponehs for you!
Ok, stuffs to do!

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