Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bridle bridle bridle

I am completely in love with the Micklem Bridle, I was considering one for Joy last year but didn't find out much about it and ended up going with the Silverleaf, which I have been happy with, it is a nice bridle (keep meaning to do a review, whoops) The Silverleaf has gone up since I got it but at the time it was quite a bit cheaper then the Micklem and I was having second thoughts about the different design. Recently I have been reading up on it after stumbling across a review on it and I really think Joy might be more comfortable and happy in it. She is always shaking her head, and itching it, she used to be terrible when I rode in her old bridle, slightly better in the silverleaf but still really fussy about it. I kind of chalked it to her being impatient and fussy but now I am starting to wonder. The Micklem looks funny because it is proportioned differently to keep from putting pressure on nerve endings on the face.

Almost got Joy to the river the other day, didn't quite make it. I just don't have the energy to gallop up alllllllll the hills and didn't want to take the time to walk (and fight about walking up allll the hills) I'm not as pathetically sleepy as I was in the first trimester but I just don't have the energy to ride really hard, which is a total bummer and kind of depressing, So anyway I am very happy I decided not to spend money on competing any more this year and just work on getting my silly hot mare balanced.

I have been hugely depressed over not having a good place to ride, it is so frustrating to have a mental image of what you want to work on, try to fir it into reality and have it not work. I need to be doing supplying exercises with Joy, I need a basic flat fenced in place to do it, I need it not to suck weather wise. I don't have it and it makes me dislike everyone who does. Joe has promised to help me put up a basic ring but it is finding the time and money to do it.

We have other people living with us still, while they are looking for a house. But it has been three months and I have despaired of them ever leaving. It is not that I am not fond of them, they are great people but I am sick of not having any space, any privacy and always having people around. The house is always trashed and I am refusing to do any housework, soon I will begin refusing to cook for everyone (every flippin night) because I am not a fucking  house elf.

So I have to go make Jam, sulk sulk sulk. and likely should put some proper clothes on before Joe gets home, but my jammies are very comfortable.

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quirkyburgundy said...

Stay in the jammies...and if anyone complains about the no-housework, no-cooking mantra, just keep repeating, quite loudly, "MY NAME IS NOT DOBBY!" Maybe they will think you have gone mad and volunteer to help more;P