Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guess who got a hedgie!


How cute is that?

Her name is Luna and she is a seven month old Hedgehog. Today I ran around town trying to get her cage all fixed up spiffy like. I dragged out my amazing sewing machine and sewed a fleece sleeping bag for her. She is actually really friendly and after the initial balling up/hissing freak out really loves to explore. Ended up getting everything I needed for her except the ceramic heat emitter bulb thingy (so must keep the house temp cranked up) and a wheel (which she desperately needs being a portly little thing) She is a really neat little animal.

We had a quiet weekend which was super, lots of couple time. Watched a lot of Dexter and stayed up way to late. My amazing husband fixed the run in shelter, so all three can fit in comfortably. After a week of wet weather my horses look terrible, full of mud and burrs. I need to have a pony beautification day tomorrow. I haven't ridden much this past week, icky weather and I have been feeling a little rundown and didn't want to push it in the cold. Luckily we have some nicer weather again and I hope it holds. I have to freeze brussel sprouts tomorrow (icky) since we now have finished harvesting the garden,

Ponehs look good, Poppy is a little thin again, need to start graining her again, the other two are a little fat. My belly is pooking out more but I still don't think I look pregnant, I'm at 17 weeks now. Still some nausea but mostly good.

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