Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, Sadie just fell off the couch and barely woke up, silly girl. She really is the sweetest dog, you could pet her until her fur rubbed off and she would like more love, please.

The weather was super yesterday, so Joe did lots of weatherproofing and cleaning out the barn (so I have more room for hay, yay!) I did a lot of sleeping on the couch, apparently that was highly necessary?

Baby must be either cross training for marathon or getting larger because I am getting poked and prodded a lot more, there are some like full body wriggles and some definite belly moving kicks, pretty cool until you get kicked in the cervix/bladder area, then it is just weird.

Ponehs are doing good, I feel kinda guilty that I am not riding more but it's just not comfortable to do more then walk. They all seem pretty happy though, doing the winter pony thing. Joy and Baby Horse are nice and fuzzy, Poppy is still a little thinner then I would like to see so I might mess with her food again, or maybe just wait since I just changed it. Baby horse has had somewhat gunky eyes lately and the only change has been the addition of TC Lite, so maybe a soy intolerance?

gosh I am sleepy. bed now

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