Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee

February 2nd was my birthday! hurray, I am 25 which is very old :) I am planning on making Joe take me to the botanical gardens and out for yummy food soon, might have to wait until next Saturday since he has been working a lot lately, apparently my birthday was not a holiday for the gainfully employed. I made pizza and amazing vanilla and raspberry cake, we opened presents (presents from my parents came in time, yay) and it was very fun.

Not much new going on here, big thaw and the horses are running around like idiots, my pasture is so fucked. Joe is not happy about it but with this crazy muddy winter I think even one horse would have torn it up. So lots of cleaning up in the spring and will have to put them in the back and reseed the front.

32 weeks!
*edit*  Finally figured out how to get picture the right way, that was bothering me.


The Thoroughbred Hunter Lady said...

"....Happy Birthday to you and by the way, you look absolutely incredible at 32 weeks of pregnancy!"

Dangerbunny said...