Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Here are some super cute things

Because you totally want to spend your time looking at cute baby stuff I have.

Like diaper covers with trees or rockets on them, most of my cloth diaper stash is hand me down (which is sooooo awesome) and the rest really is chosen more for function rather then cuteness factor, but I do like these covers a lot and the rocket/explosion one makes me laugh.
Thirsties duo wrap and Bummis cover
 This wet bag has owls on it, OWLS! how cool is that!

very exciting bag for putting icky diapers in.
 This is one of the cutest piece of baby clothing I have ever seen, ever!

It has Winne the Pooh and HEDGEHOGS on it!
 My mom knitted this adorable sweater, I want one in my size too :P

teensy baby sweater, I think I wrapped it wrong

My little sister and Mom made a cute baby blanket.
can't tell from the picture but it is really soft
My ring sling is super pretty

Actually is a brighter green then the pictures would lead you to believe.
My Babyhawk Mei Tai has a blue dragon on front, perfect for my dragon baby :)
Here is what they look like on, since I am not trying to put the cat in anymore baby carriers.

The other side has a skull and barbed wire thing going on
We are actually pretty mellow with the stuff accumulation, I have a tote of baby clothes, play pen, carseat, bath thingy, cloth diapers, some cute toys and two baby carriers. That is basically it.

There are a couple things I want,
like this newborn diaper that baby will wear for all of ten minutes and then poop in, but it has owls on it!

This diaper bag is gorgeous! I am totally ordering one as soon as I figure out which colour to get.

And the fact that they make these incredibly sexy nursing bras makes me soooooo happy, take that people (you know who you are) who said mommas have to wear fugly underwear. I'm going to get some when I know what size I will be.

I adore shopping online, buying things in stores can be nice because you have them in immediately but I really prefer ordering things because then they come in the mail, in a box and you can open it. My favorite thing is to find something awesome and second hand so it is cheaper. The internet is a dangerous place.

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