Friday, February 10, 2012


It is such a good thing I am preggo in the winter, I think if it were summer (or even a normal winter) I would be very frustrated with things I want to do but shouldn't.

I really miss riding, I don't want to ride because it is uncomfortable and I feel all discombobulated but I miss being able to ride. I am hoping we get an early spring, the plan is to start lunging Joy and building up her topline while I bond with Baby and adjust to new mamaness, then I want to start getting her on trailrides especially the hill work as that is so amazing for increasing fitness and getting her hind end strong. Joy really responds better to training when she is physically fit, I guess all horses do but with her low frustration tolerance it really pays off to have her body strong while we are working on new things, especially dressage.

So right now Joy is at a good weight, Baby Horse is a little ribby (just had a growth spurt) and Poppy is annoying me with her disinterest in eating a lot. If I just had one I could put more hay out but I am going to have to add in an extra midday hard feed, otherwise Joy will get fabulously pudgy and Poppy will waste away while going "maybe I'll eat in a minute", so going to pull Joy out of the paddock and toss her some hay or something while the others get a tasty mix of alfalfa pellets, oats, rice bran and a little beet pulp so it sticks together. I am also giving up on them ever eating the Grostrong Minerals, and will order another vitamin/mineral supplement soon. I am thinking of putting Joy on Glanzen Complete since she did well on it last summer but if I can find flax seed cheap somewhere I might do that with a vitamin/mineral supplement instead as it is more economical.

I realized yesterday we had very little baby clothes in the teensy sizes, so then I went to a second hand shop and got some really cute stuff. It was fun, but took some time since a lot of baby clothes are really horrible, I wonder why parents are so freaked out by someone thinking their kid is the opposite sex, like the baby cares.

Going to spend some time on house stuff, been slacking recently. I will have plenty of time to take a bath tonight since Friday is the day when horrible teenage boys come over and argue loudly while playing poker, hiding in the bath is my usual defense and it works very well.


quirkyburgundy said...

I glimpsed the horrible-ness of the invasion. I think Joe was trying to drive them out by playing the also horrible-ness of the Bee Gees. Wish I could have stayed longer. Roads were crappy though. Hope you had a nice soak:)

Dangerbunny said...

I did have a nice soak, bummed I didn't get to see you though. Funnily enough they were playing good music (Violent Femmes) and just happened to be playing weird stuff while you were there, humorous timing.

You can totally see why I hide in the bath, with my ears submerged I can barely hear the bickering.

Thanks for saving my cat from peeing everywhere!