Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still, still, still preggo.

Midwife appointment today, Baby has dropped and I feel like there is no more room in my body for both of us. I let her feel me up, cervix is smooshy but not at all dilated. Lots of little contractions, hormones are making me really PMSy and I am really impatient to meet my baby. Taking this last little bit of pregnancy time to really spoil myself in the name of preparing for labor, especially since I really seem to need it, I am sleepy and so fricken hungry lately. But I was secretly really hoping to hear that my cervix was ready to go and I shouldn't sneeze or anything because the baby would fall out. Totally unrealistic, but a girl can hope.

Today I was bad and got an overpriced Carmel macchiato on the way home, also managed to get to the feedstore, partially because I was a little low on a few things and I didn't want to have to stop on the way home from the hospital or something silly like that. Also it is better if Joe doesn't know exactly how much a bag of good feed costs. 

Ponehs are in the awkward stage of spring, nasty shedding. They annoy me when they shun their perfectly good hay in favor of tiny grass sprouts, We divided the paddock and put them in the back so they won't kill all the grass before it has a chance to sprout. Little and Poppy are putting on weight, Joy is ridiculously out of shape but it in fact the cutest horse ever so it is okay.

See, cutest snoot ever.

pretty spring

Wow, my cat stinks and the litter box isn't even in this room. I guess I will stop messing around with changing her food and keep her on Taste of the Wild dry and Evo wet, I was trying Wellness wet and Innova dry and she is just astinkin. She was on Science Diet when we got her from the shelter and Joe threatened to take her back since she smelled sooooooo awful.

In blog news I changed the comment section so it should be easier to leave comments, if it still sucks let me know and I will switch the whole shebang over, maybe to wordpress.

chickens are trying to come inside 
Free range :)

And suddenly Sadie
gonna do chores since it preferable to beating teenage boys for making stupid noises in the other room.


figmentofcogitation said...

This is a test to see if the comment gods are happy again. Also to applaud you for still having a fine sense of humor at this stage. May your labor be as easy as sneezing. xoxo

quirkyburgundy said...

"And, suddenly, Sadie" made me laugh soooo hard. She is a good girl:)

Baby will fall out sometime. Maybe, when he isn't letting you sleep you will have the urge to shove it back in?

Now, that your jaw has dropped, I will continue being somewhat productive but mostly, lazy.