Thursday, December 06, 2012

It's December already?

I've been lame about posting lately.

We are doing well, I found a home for Poppy, kinda sad but big relief to be down to two. Baby Horse is getting tall and recently received a buzzcut due to her penchant for sticking her head in burrs. Joy is fat and sassy, and remarkably muddy.

I haven't been riding a ton, mostly due to bad weather and lack of someone to hang out with Smooshy. Trying to make it a priority though. I'm still feeling a bit frustrated since I feel like Joy and I are a bit of a hot mess, not really progressing, both out of shape and her tack could fit better. But I'm doing my best.

We went trail riding yesterday, was in a hurry and forgot her bridle was in pieces inside the house so just left it at home. Not my smartest move ever, hyper pony gets hot hot hot when you don't ride everyday and a halter just doesn't have much stopping power when you gallop up hills. Oh well, lots of opportunity to practice staying secure through my core. She only bolted out of control once, so not too bad.

I'm hesitant to say Joy is ulcery since I haven't had her scoped but she is back to the same behaviors as she was before I treated her with omeprazole. She is spooky, easily worked up, over reactive to leg aids and tries to bite my boots when being ridden. I think I'm just giving up on grain, I thought she was alright with a small amount of barley but I'm sick of experimenting. She did best on beet pulp, rice bran and alfalfa pellets so that is what she is going to get. Although I'm hesitant about the possible arsenic levels in the rice bran and the fact that beet pulp is GMO. 

Smooshy is sleeping so I'm going to do something productive ;)


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