Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hello world!

Wow, it's January already?


We are doing good, Ponehs are fat and sassy. I haven't been riding much due to weather and work schedules. There are times when I really miss being close to my parents and not having anyone to help with the Smoosh is hard. Of course the weather is shite right now too, it's been super cold so I have been busy just keeping everyone fed and watered. Currently 18 degrees out and I'm trying to remember it for when it is so hot that I feel like I'm melting.

Thinking of getting princess poneh a bareback pad, my reasoning being it will be much easier to fit her for a saddle in the spring if she is in better shape, and I don't want to ride her in the one of four saddles that don't fit well. I am going to try professionally fitting her and also talking to Trumbull Mountain. Sick of going at it alone although I got this book, which is pretty cool. I like riding bareback but something to give a little stick would be nice while trailblazing.

I am taking a course on equine nutrition! it's free through this site, this program is from the University of Edinburgh and the website has lots of interesting (free) courses. Pretty excited actually.

The Smooshy is over 9 months old, has three teeth, is crawling and pulling himself up on e.v.e.r.y.thing. Totally is gonna start talking any second and has a few little words. His interests include destruction and world domination, the latter will be accomplished through cuteness. Pretty sure he needs a pony NOW but Joe thinks otherwise. I'm working on it.

My Silver Fox doe kindled! very excited to have little bunnies running about, I'm having to resist the urge to mess with them too much since she is a first time momma. I have a bunny room for my females, this is the first batch of babies born in a group setting and I was really surprised to see the other doe helping to build the nest, very cool. The other two females leave the babies alone.

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